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I started my insurance career in the Medicare market with a passion for helping seniors find affordable options that work with their health and budget. I had many requests in those first few months to add additional services.

I am proud to announce that new services are being added including expanded health benefits to include both On and Off the Exchange and Small Groups.

I can now offer Accident and Critical Illness and many other products that are aimed to take care of you, no matter what the future holds. My mission is to be a resource for any individuals, small business owners, the self employed and the senior market. If you don’t have health insurance, let me take a look. My services are always at no cost to you.

Check out the options above and call me today for a one on one meeting to discuss what your personal needs.

Amy Kreick
The Bridges Agency
Insurance for Living


2 thoughts on “Start Here

  1. Amy,
    What is the earliest age a person can start signing up for Medicare? My thoughts were, that Medicare & SS ages go together. Tim is 60, looking at his options, since Alcoa hasn’t seen fit to have any informational meetings yet. Debbie

  2. Hi! Eligibility for Medicare is typically at age 65 so he has awhile before he is eligible. The other instance that you can become eligible is after 24 continuous months on Social Security Disability.

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