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Informal Care

Who is taking care of you?

Ask yourself and your family these questions:

Are the informal caregivers willing?

Are they willing to live with the care recipient?
Are they willing to have the care recipient move in with them?
Are they willing to adapt their home to provide the necessary care?
Are they willing to stay at home 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide the necessary care?
Are the care recipient’s children working?
Are they raising their own families?
Are they willing to sacrifice their careers to provide the necessary care?
Can they quit work or work part time to provide the necessary care?
Did they quit work to raise their own children?
Have they cared for others too many times?
Will someone be pressured into providing the necessary care?

Are the informal caregivers able?

Do they live nearby?
Are they healthy enough to provide the care?
Are they financially able to take time from work?
Is one family member able to move in with another family member?
Can their home be adapted to provide the necessary care?
Are they trained, physically and emotionally, to care for a loved one?
Can they lift the care recipient?
Can they bend over and lift the care recipient out of bed?
Have they experienced seeing a loved one’s body deteriorate?

Hard questions for sure, but one that each family should ask before embarking on informal care.