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Why use an independent agent?

The exchange in many states allows use of an online agent to assist you in selecting your 2016 health insurance plan. This can be accessed through our online quoting tool that streamlines the process, gives you the use of a independent agent while quoting and applying online.

Why use an agent?

Cost There is no cost to you to use a health insurance agent. Premiums are the same but our service is free to you.

Ease Many people think that going direct is easier than using an agent. However, agents have a smaller group of business so we can respond to personal questions, problems that arise and can be an advocate for your benefit. We have learned the process and the plans and can help you ease through the application process by knowing what to look for and what to fill out in a standard application. Also with online plan quoting and application – our process is easier to use than the government site with less traffic.

Speed Need your questions answered as you apply? An independent agent has a faster response than sitting on hold for a half hour. Leave me a message and I will get back to you same day. An agent works for you.

Peace of Mind Want to make sure you are covered for the worst case scenario? Isn’t that what insurance is all about? An independent agent will make sure you are covered and is looking out for your best interests, not the bottom line.

Security If you have specific health questions, your information is in far better hands with an independent agent. I often know my customers worst fears, health problems and financial situation. This is information that I take pride in security and discretion. Your questions and situation are never written down, put in a huge company computer system and never ever shared. Anything shared with me, stays with me.